Geek Vs. The New Year

Welcome to GEEK Versus …

Welcome to The Geek’s blog. This is a starting off point for my many adventures to better myself by fighting my own laziness and preconceived notions of how things. I plan to spend this year learning to retrain many of my habits and ideas to better align with my future goals.  I have many goals, projects, and ideas I want to work on… but they all focus on a few main themes which in turn focuses on one ideal…to better myself.

I have taken a liking to a particular blogger who has inspired me to reach beyond the whole, that is how the world works mentality I have fostered over the years and to reach for new frontiers. I have no illusions this journey will be difficult with many dead ends and pitfalls, however if I even reach one extra goal in this pursuit it will be considered a win.

Most of these goals are intertwined and build off of each other like pieces of a puzzle fitting together. For instance some of my goals such as: get in better shape, learn weight lifting, exercise more, eat better, and cook more meals all play off of a universal theme. Throw in my desire to reach Financial Independence in around ten years and the synergies just start flying off the page. By eating healthier and cooking my own meals, I can reduce the cost of each meal. By exercising more I could bike into work from time to time (or even all the time)! My goal is to start making changes, challenging myself to new and better things to see where this path leads. Will I give up? Will I surrender? Will I conquer these? Will I succeed? Only time will tell. But at the very least I will learn new things and perhaps get some new habits ingrained that will benefit me in the future.

I have no illusions people will read this blog. And I am perfectly alright with that. I’m holding myself accountable for these changes by writing this blog. If others stumble upon it perhaps it’ll inspire them to make new decisions with their lives. At the very least I will have a record of my fights and be able to find ways to improve.

I plan to write semi-frequently about my journey down this path and let’s see what I can bring forth.  I promise to be less vague in future posts.